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“Here’s a roundup of some, though not all, of the vegan dining options in downtown Durango:

Backcountry Gourmet at 11th Street Station– Gourmet sliders and sides. The Fried Zucchini Slider is vegan if you omit the Chipotle Ranch and sub chimichurri. Also, all salad dressings are vegan, so if you 86 the cheese, the Quinoa Salad and Backcountry Salads are options.

The Box at 11th Street Station – Wood-fired pizzas. Their dough and red sauce are vegan. If you minus the cheese, there are build-your-own pizza options.


DGO Magazine

“Well, hot damn, 11th Street Station is finally open. The corner of Main Avenue and 11th showcases a culinary collective of five food trucks, Ernie’s Bar (open till midnight), and Taste Coffee. There’s limited indoor and plenty of outdoor seating, and have you see this place at night? It’s a bright sight with a star overhead, roped lights. Makes Downtown Durango even more cozy, and it sure as heck makes you feel cool, almost like you’re walking onto a movie set.

The current roster of food trucks includes The Box and Backcountry Gourmet.

DGO spoke to Marcos Wisner, co-owner of 11th Street Station and The Box food truck, about what to expect from Durango’s new hotspot.”

The Independent

11th Street Station is like a casino. You could stay there all day and night, and never have to leave. There’s booze, coffee, and food. What more do you need?

The property on the corner of 11th Street and Main Avenue is home to a bar, a coffee shop, and five food trucks. Each establishment is individually owned and lease space from Ernie’s Bar.

The novel business idea provides lots of outdoor sitting and standing space to enjoy lunch or a late night drink. Furthermore, the business gives an answer to tight city restriction on food trucks, as well as brings big-city culture to Durango.

The Durango Herald

“Where do you go out to dinner when someone in your party wants pizza, another craves a burger, and someone else is a vegetarian? Pleasing everyone’s palette is never an easy task.

As a reflection of the entrepreneurial chefs parked at Durango’s new food truck scene on the corner of 11th and Main Avenue, menu options range from gourmet sliders to chicken curry to homemade soups to Japanese steamed buns to wood-fired pizza.

Add a full bar with craft cocktails, indoor and outdoor communal seating, fire pits, occasional live music and now a coffee bar, you’ve got the new 11th Street Station…”

The Durango Telegraph

“When Carley Snider discovered an old leather book filled with chocolate recipes, she had no idea it would change her life. Naturally curious, she tried making some of the truffles and found she liked making chocolate. In 2011, her hobby morphed into a business: Animas Chocolate Co.

“We started super small, just renting some commercial kitchen space in The Chip Peddler’s kitchen,” she said.

After a few months, the company moved into a retail space in the Rivergate Center and then expanded to its current location on North Main in 2013.”

The Durango Herald

“A bar and a new home for food trucks is coming to 11th Street and Main Avenue this summer.

Jaime Wisner and his son, Marcos, are remodeling the former home of the Durango Downtown Smoke Shop to look as it did in the 1950s when it was a gas station. Plenty of gas station memorabilia will be incorporated into the bar.

“We’ll have a lot of urban art,” Jaime Wisner said.”

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