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What happens when two Wisners collaborate on a project?

11th Street Station and Ernie’s Bar.  With Jaime Wisner’s business background and his son Marcos Wisner’s culinary one, downtown Durango’s newest addition is sure to turn heads.  After testing the waters in the summers of 2015 and 2016 with food trucks at the 1101 Main Ave property, the Wisners started exploring the idea of creating a permanent food truck collective, centered around great food in a fun environment.

Several months later, the ground work for Eleventh Street Station on Ernie’s Bar had been laid and construction began.  A natural evolution has resulted in what you see now.  A space that pays respect to the properties history as among other things a tire shop, travel agency and bank, but most memorably as filling stations.  A location that invites you to stop in for a quick bite or kick back and listen to some music on the deck.  And most importantly always have a great plate of food in front of you and cold drink in your hand.

About the Team

Marcos Wisner


Carmen Drulis

General Manager

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07:00am – 12:00am
07:00am –  12:00am

07:00am –  12:00am

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